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Adult League in Ukiah is at Vinewood Park and Junior League is at Todd Grovel

There are basically four kinds of Fantasy Warplay Events, the "after school," the "all day," the "camp out," and the "build party."

After School: These events happen once a week at Todd Grove Park in Ukiah. They start at 4:30pm and go until it gets dark (or about 7:00pm).

All Day: Generally speaking an "all day" starts around 10:00am and goes until it starts to get dark (or usually around 5:00pm). These kinds of events usually take place at a park in town or at a nearby wilderness area.

Camp Out: The "camp out" is just what it sounds like, we go out to a campground and camp for a few days, getting up and playing all day (with breaks in between of course). A "camp out" can also be a series of "all day" adventures if you don't care to spend the night.

Build Party: These events happen sometimes instead of the Tuesday games or on weekends and are basically a time for everyone to get together, discuss rules and build or repair weapons and game meterials.

Events at a glance

Adult League (12 and up) are Blue
Private Events (by invitation only) are Red.
Organization Events (requiring registration: -email- here) are Purple
Open Events (8 and up) are Green
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