CANCELED- North Bay Junior League Campout June 23rd-26.

Making Weapons

Where to get the supplies-

  1. Creator's Foam & Futon Shop
    3510 Industrial Dr # B
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    (707) 526-9774
    (lots of scrap foam for cheap and also good blade foam)
  2. Creator's Foam & Futon Shop
    821 Petaluma Blvd N
    Petaluma, CA 94952
    (707) 763-6349
    (lots of scrap foam for cheap and also good blade foam)
  3. Central Valley Builders Supply
    1100 Vintage Avenue | St. Helena, CA 94574
    Voice: (707) 963-3622 Fax: (707) 963-8678
    Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:30pm / Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm / Sunday 8:00am - 4:00pm
    (excellent bamboo and 3/4 inch 200 class thinwall PVC)
  4. Erapro/Paris
    2500 rue Guénette
    St-Laurent, Québec H4R 2H2 Canada
    Telephone: 514-335-0550
    Toll free: 1 877 372-9273
    Fax: 514-335-0571
    Toll free fax: 1 866 937-2329
    (bulk sleds for shields)
  5. Uline

    (good tape for excellent price and FAST shipping!)
  6. Friedman's Home Improvement
    (707) 584-7811
    4055 Santa Rosa Ave
    Santa Rosa, CA 95407
    (fiberglass rods, 1/2 PVC, pipe insulation, spray glue, tape, etc.)
  7. Home Depot
    (duct tape, pipe insulation, 1/2 inch pvc, T-connectors for pvc)
  8. Beverly Fabrics Inc.
    (707) 462-0750
    728 S State St
    Ukiah, CA 95482
    (celephane, fabric)
  9. Hide & Leather House
    595 Monroe St
    Napa, CA 94559
    (707) 255-6160
    (good garment leather for hilt grips!)
  10. REI - Recreational Equipment Inc.
    2715 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa - (707) 540-9025
    (ladder locks and webbing for sheild straps)
  11. Ace Mart Restaurant Supply
    (good garbage can lids only for bucklers)
  12. Play it again Sports
    2735 Santa Rosa Ave
    Santa Rosa, CA 95407
    (707) 527-7678
    (single sleds, shin guards, misc armor etc.)
  13. Ebay and Craigslist
    (motorcycle chest protector)
  14. Walmart
    (Ozark Trail blue camp mat foam for the newer swords)

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[07 Dec : 21:37]
Or not forgive us both. Just go to the proboards site.

[07 Dec : 21:36]
Forgive him that link doesnt work this one might.

click here Time Jump 2013 to 2014 fromated.pdf

[07 Dec : 21:33]
You can also just download it here, click here Time Jump 2013 to 2014 fromated.pdf

[07 Dec : 21:32]
Crestfall archipelago timejump up on the proboards. click here

[02 Dec : 02:02]
Sorry, here is the better link
click here

[02 Dec : 01:53]
click here Jump 2013-14.pdf

[02 Dec : 01:52]
Time Jump is now posted for the 2014 season. More to come with locations and maps.
click here Jump 2013-14.pdf

[04 Nov : 02:52]
Today will be remembered in Roekron history. Sorikonia came very close to being taken over by the combined fores of the Shadowlands and the Dark City, and it the end, the masters made a choice in the battle to end the war their way rather than risk a greater danger.
See the forums for the details....

[23 Jun : 14:43]
how is tthe war at the bridge going?

[07 May : 03:23]
10. >>Bandits in the Wet Hills redistribute wealth as they see fit.
11. >>Temnorian Military encroaches on the Wet Forest, Einion sends troops to establish the border… assist.
12. >>Army of Orks and Urukai under Barbarian leadership takes over territory and menaces the city.
13. >>>>Caravan trips to Shadowguard hires guards and trackers- travel through hostile Temnor territory means for good pay.

[07 May : 03:23]
4. >Spinemen in the East Passage still organized into an army.
5. >Loglin Forest scouts report some Dark Hero activity, hideout?
6. >>Storm Troll dealt with by city officials, investigate occurrence?
7. >>Hill Giant army comes for vengeance of killed relative.
8. >>Cobben family displaced by Cave Troll attacks, assist.
9. >>Rumor of dungeons in the Spire being explored.

[07 May : 03:23]
Spireguard – @ 32– 5-7-13
Council of Wood Elves.
MAIN NEWS: Storm Troll dealt with by officials, Temnor and Geb still a problem.
[WEATHER] Windy.
CURRENT INN: “The Rivermouth”
Gossip of the Day:
1. Barter, trade, gladiators, shop for wares.
2. > Dwarves in the West Passage attack and kill Elves- reward for capture
3. >Stories of a Green Dragon outside of town, people killed around town!

[04 Feb : 02:31]
REMINDER- this is the the in game chatbox, so use this one for character conversation and Inn Business, and use the other one for out of game issues.

[27 Jan : 17:36]

[27 Jan : 14:26]
that was cool

[26 Jan : 18:18]
Main stream larp movie?

click here

[30 Dec : 04:14]
PART 2 of the time jump posted here
click here

Gamemaster T.
[24 Dec : 20:44]
Kim - having trouble with logging in to the New Forums to post Teriok Time Jump - Chris said you might be able to help

[23 Dec : 15:58]
PART ONE of the Time Jump has been posted.
click here

[13 Dec : 21:01]
Is anyone willing to carpool to Berkley this Saturday? We live in Petaluma and my son Owen would love to go, but I can't drive down. But I could meet you somewhere convenient for you. Thanks Cindy

[25 Nov : 02:38]
So the new Forum has a chatbox as well, feel free to use it for in game business as needed.

[16 Nov : 00:02]
no thats why im srry cuase i was in control of myself they just changed my point of view on elder goddess and then sent me loose

[14 Nov : 14:44]
It's not your fault, you wen't in control of yourself at the time.

[13 Nov : 22:00]
its ok im srry for getting several followers of the elder goddess killed oops

[13 Nov : 21:42]
hip hip hurray!

[11 Nov : 21:39]
roekron is screwd... YAY!!!

[10 Nov : 02:34]
Missions for Adult League posted, as is an updated Political Map
click here

[19 Oct : 22:20]

[19 Oct : 22:19]
So... how is everyone?

[19 Oct : 03:12]
hum... it seems like i have been noticed

[03 Oct : 20:20]

[02 Oct : 21:51]
Jr league or adult league?

[02 Oct : 01:42]

[01 Oct : 16:51]
Here is the info of the item.

Demon Bane:
Spell Strike
Staff Touch
UB Instant Exorcism
All friends have limited pacifism (the good kind!) from outsiders.
Tier 3
Only active within yen miles of an outsider, the rest if the time it's just a master crafted staff, nothing special.
Only usable by Umi.

[29 Sep : 11:47]
Sean made a elder sorcery that enchanted a staff with instant exercisim touch and the staff is staff touch and some othere stuff that i forget. one flaw is that it only is a magic item when outsiders are around (demons, no problem there)

The Warden
[29 Sep : 03:47]
Wow how did you guys get ahold of something/someone that dose that? Also Yay

[28 Sep : 15:02]
oh yea about the demons, UB WARDED EXERCISIM we have it in berkeley

[24 Sep : 11:36]
Gabriel told me that you had sent some hounds out to find Fire Earth. There were 5 of them, a deathcap toadstool, two dragonflys one nature one life and two fling vetrabarian snakes.

[24 Sep : 01:48]
How do you know that they were Hounds? How many were there?

[24 Sep : 00:43]
Fire Earth was under a giant whirlpool in the Blue reefs, oh and your hounds are polymorfed into flying snakes, dragonflys etc..... on a ship that reflects the sun REALLY brightly (sun earth) although the demon isnt there himself (i think its a he) and im not sure where the boats headed because we hightailed out of there before we could we destroyed

[23 Sep : 22:59]
Where were they?

[23 Sep : 21:12]
atleast some of them

[23 Sep : 21:12]
i blame nick

[23 Sep : 21:11]
oh and nick, the hounds are Sun Earth minions now (polymorf)

[23 Sep : 21:11]
sigh... fireearth awoke.

[23 Sep : 21:10]
great right?

[23 Sep : 21:10]

[23 Sep : 21:10]
Fire Earth is free, YAY!

[06 Sep : 10:22]
It was only a couple weeks.

[05 Sep : 23:44]
How long is the mini time jump?

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