News Item: Bodega Dunes Campout drops a set
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Posted by GameMasterChris
Sunday 23 May 2010 - 03:23:00

Hello FanWar Campers,

I know everyone is excited about the Bodega Dunes camp out (I am). I do have to tell you that I canceled the first set of the day on Tuesday, June 15th (the set that was going to be from 10am-1pm). The reason for this is that check in at the park is not officially until 1pm and even though we should have no problem, that set is always a hard one to run while people are still getting settled. Since it is just Basic and we have the whole week of events, dropping it is not a big deal and it will also bring down the cost of that day by $15 for everyone. I hope this doesn't cause to many problems for people who are camping the night before. I do plan to be around to discuss character specifics and details of plot during that morning and so there shouldn't be too much of a loss. Our experience with these long Campout LARPs is that by the thirds day we are all dragging our feet and can barely move anyway, so dropping the first set is probably a good idea for everyone involved. See you all soon!

Go to the Event Calendar and click on the Event Details if you want the full schedule of each day.

Christopher Melville

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