News Item: NEW Berkeley Basic/Advanced League to start in July!
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Posted by GameMasterChris
Monday 21 June 2010 - 02:37:15

Hello all FanWar Junior Leaguers,

I am planning on opening a new venue for FanWar LARP in Berkeley starting in July on the third Saturday of the month (starting July 17th). I plan to move the Palo Alto event that usually happens that day to the 18th so it won't conflict but until I do, the Berkeley event is a tentative go. These Berkeley events will be located in Teriock, a part of my game world that is far away from most of the rest of my quests, and so players will have the opportunity to begin at lower levels without too many high level characters dwarfing them right away (though there are many high level characters in Teriock, only a few will likely be able to make it to this venue). There is the potential for characters from Roekron to make it to this new location, though initially that will not be an option, so players will all be making new characters and playing fresh for a while. This is an excellent opportunity to learn to play the game and for new players to get involved. Please spread the word and invite as many other players who you think would be interested to come to this event. The event may be run by me or Tony my brother who runs most of the Teriock events. The cost will be the same as the Cotati events, as will the times and structure. The event will be structured initially like the Basic/Advanced sets in Cotati, where the morning in Basic and training, and the afternoon characters and leveling up. Later we may expand to a Advanced/Advanced league, but that is already offered for Teriock in Palo Alto and Ukiah, so player may need to travel a bit if they want to get levels faster in the beginning. See you all there!


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