News Item: Cotati Junior League moves, New Adult League Crestfall Cotati added.
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Posted by GameMasterChris
Wednesday 29 December 2010 - 18:10:55

We have made a few adjustments to the FanWar calendar this winter and so bare with us as we work out the details. The goal is to make everything easier for people to attend and to eliminate as many conflicting events as possible. We moved Berkeley Events from the third Saturday to the second Saturday because we wanted to consolidate Palo Alto events. This created a conflict with Cotati, which we are now remedying by shifting Cotati to the third Saturday. Thus, all the Cotati Junior League events are not on one weekend, instead of split between two.
Additionally, we have added a new Cotati Adult League day, in Crestfall. This allows us to do two days of Adult League on the same weekend (the second weekend of the month). So, in brief the revised schedule looks something like this
First Weekend (Palo Alto- Roekron Story)
Second Weekend (Adult League Cotati Crestfall/Roekron) AND Berkeley on Saturday
Third Weekend (Junior League Cotati- Roekron) AND (Junior League PaloAlto- Teriock)
Fourth Weekend (Adult League Newark- Crestfall)

Hope that helps.


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