News Item: Updates to FanWar Schedule and Format
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Posted by GameMasterChris
Sunday 04 December 2011 - 23:28:57

Update for the 2012 Season.

For the latest info, check out our Facebook Page;

It looks like we will have a broader and more varied selection of events for the 2012 season. There will be three mini season this year, a Spring Season (January-April), a Summer Season (May-August), and a Fall Season (September-November). Each of these seasons will have bring in a fresh story and characters at the beginning and build to a finale the last month of each season. If the league is a character league, player will play low level character at the beginning of the season and bring high lvl characters in to the game half way through the season.
(1) A few new things to look forward to are the new Battle League I will be running in Palo Alto, a massive event with little to know plot but lots of opportunities to try out all sorts of rolls, classes, skills, and just outright battle skill.
(2) We have also changed the Cotati League into a Petaluma League which will be meeting at Oak Hill Park in Petaluma. The first Petaluma event is scheduled for January 8th and future dates will be worked out once players voice their preference for a Sunday or Saturday event.
(3) Adult League has moved to the third weekend of the month but stays on Sunday. Whether we will remain at Doyle Park will be decided at the Adult League Meeting in December.
The Calendar for 2012 is just about current for the Spring Season, so go ahead and take a look.

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